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Bulletin Board Detail

Students' Creative Corner




The heartbeat of this soul,

has faded away.

All that remains,

    is the former shell of me.

Empty, haunted eyes,

    staring back at me.

All that was left of me,

     dissipating in the breeze.

The cold chilly wind,

     prickling at my skin, yet my heart feels nothing.

A numbing sensation throughout my skin,

     leaves me quivering, my heart broken.

The light of my soul disappearing,

      to never heal.

Blood turning cold, skin turning blue,

      but it does not matter without you.

Suddenly I am hit,

      with a warm summer breeze.

Hope blooms in my chest,

      maybe it is not just the end yet.

I hear encouraging whispers,

       it is time to shine, not to whine.

Can’t lose myself to the blues,

       for I am the champ.



  • Posted By: Ngfs Alaknanda
  • Date: 06 Dec 2019