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Bulletin Board Detail

Students' Creative Corner : A Poem by Tanvi Aggarwal, XII-B




I believe in God and devil

      I believe in the universe and soul scars

Believing in peace after war

      is the reason behind my survival.


Behind the blossom of a flower

       behind the falling of a broken star

Behind the colour of the rainbow in the far

       yes, I do believe in God’s shower.


Believing in Almighty being fair

        gives me a strength to bear

My dear ones here and there

        bring in my life all the cheer and care.


Success and failure are a part of journey.

        don’t compare them with the gain or less of money.

Go ahead with a sense of humanity

          yes I do believe,

I do believe in innocence and maturity.




  • Posted By: Ngfs Alaknanda
  • Date: 06 Jan 2020