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School Events Detail

School Events Detail

Annual Sports Day


New Green Field School, Alaknanda celebrated the Annual Sports Day on 24 January 29, 2020 Friday. The meet was declared open with the flag hoisiting by the honourable Director of the school followed by lighting of the torch by the head boy.

Students of the school enthusiastically performed the drill using dandiya sticks. Dressed up in red and white, the girls began the show confidently. Children portrayed their physical prowess, agility and enthusiasm by participating in the different races. The audience also enjoyed watching the little ones moving towards the finishing line carrying their props in various races ---- prince-princess, packing the bag and sack race.

Taekwondo, a well known martial art, displayed by the students was really amazing especially the self defence techniques performed by the girls.

Yoga is a perfect mix of balance, strength and flexibility and the students proved this very well through their Yoga performance depicting how it leads to a happy and healthy life.

At the end, the fourth class employees were also given an opportunity to participate in a  fun filled event. They also energetically took part in the race. The winners of the day were given away prizes---medals and gifts, for their wonderful endeavour. With the prize distribution, the day came to an end.

  • Posted By: Ngfs Alaknanda
  • Date: 29 Jan 2020