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Students' Creative Corner : An Article by Shraddha Maycol, XI-C

IMMORTAL BAPU   This article is dedicated to the personage who immortalized himself with his grand deeds – the hero for today’s generation, The father of our nation and The Mahatma. In his poem ‘The Psalm Of Life', Longfellow says, “And departing leave...

Students' Creative Corner : A Poem by Tanvi Aggarwal, XII-B

I BELIEVE   I believe in God and devil       I believe in the universe and soul scars Believing in peace after war       is the reason behind my survival.   Behind the blossom of a flower        behind the...

Students' Creative Corner

“ICE AND FROST”   The heartbeat of this soul, has faded away. All that remains,     is the former shell of me. Empty, haunted eyes,     staring back at me. All that was left of me,      dissipating in the breeze. The...