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Founder Vision & Mission

Founder Vision & Mission


1. Foster humanity & compassion.

2. Produce ambassadors of our Indian values & culture.

3. Prepare them to be capable & successful global citizens.

4. Fabricate fine leaders to contribute in growth & development of our country.


Our mission is to provide a congenial & safe environment to foster our students holistically into Empowered, Compassionate, Skilled global citizens who will take our country to greater heights. Our focus is well balanced development of every child: Physically, Intellectually, Creatively, Emotionally, Spiritually, morally & aesthetically.

Students are recognized as individuals with a need to succeed. Thus, are provided with unlimited opportunities to empower them to pursue their interests, be it academics, artistic, co-curricular or sports and become active & responsible leaders of our world with a sense of pride for themselves, for their school, community and their country.