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Real meaning of education is to create an environment which not only helps children learn well but also inspires them to recognize and explore their own potential. We lay the foundation of the child’s overall development i..e development in all five domains- physical, mental, emotional, social and moral. We wish our children to be mentally alert, physically agile, emotionally stable, socially amiable and morally upright. Our motto is also to awaken patriotic fervor in our children. Therefore, we strive to provide a learning conducive environment which enables children to self enquire and explore their latent talent and bloom to their fullest potential.

Believing in harmonious growth of children we put equal emphasis on academics, sports, life skills and values. Going by the global needs and trends of quality and holistic education we impart technologically embedded education and constantly work on pedagogical practices. Children get ample exposure to smart classroom teaching learning process besides conventional classroom teaching.

In addition to academics, sports and other co-curricular activities are regularly organized. We motivate all children to participate in a plethora of activities ranging from literary activities, dance, drama, variety of sports to environmental conservation programmes. With an objective to boost mass participation and provide an opportunity to each and every child thematic class assemblies are organized for all classes spread throughout the session. The school has also formed various clubs to strengthen child’s academics and other performances. It is mandatory for every child from Class VI onwards to become the member of a Club out of eight existing clubs. Special grooming sessions are held in this regard.

Another feather in the cap of our school is Zenith, an Inter-School Mega Event which we have been hosting to inculcate healthy competitive spirit in our children. Sports activities are always the one of the most favourite competitions among children. Therefore, our physical education department are very enthusiastic about planning and organizing the Annual Sports Day.

Zero periods are devoted to imbibe moral values in our children. Discussions of moral stories, anecdotes and thoughts for the day are held in all classes by their respective class teachers.

Children are made to learn to develop good habits like attitude for gratitude, positive outlook. They are trained to know the difference between procrastination and smart working, importance of team work, cooperation and coordination. A quest to explore to enjoy the process of learning needs to be awakened among the learners. Familiarity with value of relations and other social connections actually sows the seed of change in the school culture.

As a result, the students learn to make the right choices, and thereby naturally give heart and soul to their set goals which eventually brings happiness, joy and peace in life.